Sunday, May 25, 2014

Post Street in Salt Lake City

Post Street in Salt Lake City

I have always wondered who named the street where I live.
Post Street, because a post person lived on it?
Post Street, because there were many horse hitching posts at one time?
It's not long, just a few blocks.

Well, in the process of finding all about the house I live in, on Post Street,
I found the answer.
Early on in Salt Lake's West side, some land in the "prairie" was conveyed to Annie H. Dinwoodey.
Well Annie sold part of the prairie to three business men  from
Stromsburg, Nebraska who loved to develop land.
They were Glen(n)R. Bothwell, John A. Frawley and Wellington A. Post.
Glen(n) R. Bothwell found Salt Lake City a fine place to relocate.
John A. Frawley, a pharmacist, newspaper editor and store owner stayed in Stromsburg.
Wellington A. Post, physician and post master also stayed many years in Stromsburg.
All three helped to develop the City Park subdivision in Salt Lake City.

Streets in my neighborhood were named for these three men.
Post Street of course for Wellington Post.

Here's a photo of Mr. Post

John Frawley, as far as I can tell, never stepped foot in the city.
Frawley Street remained until 1907 when it was renamed Goshen Street.

Glen(n) R. Bothwell (below) became a mine owner and real estate man.
He named streets for himself--Glenn and Bothwell. 
Here he is in a dapper photo from the 1914 book
"Men of Affairs in the State of Utah"

This is a plat of the City Park Subdivision with the names of our land owners on the streets.

Fire insurance maps:
1898 showing both Glen and Post

1911 Showing Glen, Bothwell, Frawley/Goshen

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mundane Margery

Mundane Margery

It was a great script to work with and fantastic production at Red Corral Films.
Thanks Connor, Elli, Eric, Shawn, Chris and many, many more.
I had a blast.

Monday, May 5, 2014


It's that time of year. Young ones everywhere.
These geese with their goslings were trying to find their way back to the river.