Friday, July 13, 2012

Gilgal Garden

Gilgal Garden
In Salt Lake City

This is always a fun experience. I especially like Mr. Brickpants. Something about his style is appealing.

Mr. Brickpants
Sis with Mr. Brickpants

A friendly bug.

I call this the appendage field.

Need a leg? Here's an extra lying around.

Get a handle on your heart.

Mr. Rockhead

Field of Dreams

Oh where did I put my head now.

I sure love to read.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog Lawn Ornament

Dog Lawn Ornament

On the corner, on the stone fence, she sits at attention, the Cocker Spaniel lawn ornament. So life like I can see her fur blowing in the breeze. A yellow tennis ball sits in the intersection of the street. I stop at the sign and she turns her head toward me. Oh, but she's real. Leaving the car running at the stop sign, I jump out of the car and am greeted by her voice and wagging tail.

She barks her orders, "Throw it here, I can get it."

I retrieve the ball and throw it high. She catches it just as she said she would. Happily she runs up the hilly street and I hear, "Thanks," from somewhere in an unseen house in the middle of the block.

Happy dog.