Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yellowstone National Park Flowers

Yellowstone National Park Flowers

It was a quick trip to Yellowstone National Park
So much was seen
Every minute was important
Here are the flowers
that brightened our visit


Arrowleaf Balsomroot
above and below




Where's "ducko"


Larkspur and Stonecrop


This is one my favorite Yellowstone flowers
It brightens up the spring
The perfume is like no other


Yellow Violets

Sulphur Paintbrush

Purple Fringe
above and below

Shooting Star
another flower I can't wait to see

Sticky Geranium


Fawn or Glacier Lily

An incredible flower in my life
Paul who will lie in the grass with me

Nothing like a red dog

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello Calypso

Hello Calypso

One of my favorite sights to come upon while following the colors of the carpet of Yellowstone National Park is the Calypso Orchid.

Sometimes she is elusive but I found her on the Black Tail Deer Plateau standing tall.

Two color variations for me to enjoy.

Calypso bulbosa/americana

Monday, June 2, 2014

Webers Candy Logo Re-used

Webers Candy Logo Reused

Images of years ago--Webers Candy Logo
Webers received its trade-mark in 1910.

My great-grandparents used this logo on their storefront, on candy and baked good boxes,
on menus, business cards and stickers, on advertisements and signs.

Today the Weber trade-mark is being reused by Weber's Greenhouses of Milwaukee.
The business has won an award for a re-use of the logo.
Here is their form of the Weber logo.