Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day of Mercury

          The Moon and Planets were shining brightly last night. Something to watch over us "background" workers as we did our last night shot of the work day. It was an easy shoot with fake snow abounding. I even got to sneak a peak into my favorite bookstore while on a break.
          Today holds interesting events too. One audition, lots of books to mail, tons of work to do and of course getting ready for the trip to Arizona. It's always very exciting to think about the trip. Family, friends, animals, book, new friends, and adventure.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello Day

    It is dark and quiet still. Folks are just getting ready for the day. I love this time of morning, with all the decisions of the day still to be made. A perfect day can be had if all goes well. It's a lot like the moments before the curtain goes up on the stage.
     My day will be long but is always fun when it includes being "background" on a set. Not a role but still in front of the cameras. Lots of time to read and make new friends.
     Hello day.

Monday, February 27, 2012


The Puzzle is Finally Finished!

This puzzle took forever put together. It was a thrift store buy--$1.00.
I think it was one of the most difficult puzzles we've put together in a long time.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday looks like Sun Day

The sun tells me that I could open the door of the greenhouse today, even with the temperature having returned to winter. So bright and warm inside. While tending the plants this morning I was showered with pollen from the daisies. I think they were just saying hello to me.

This clip is from last month. Lots more growth since then but you "get the picture."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Windy Saturday

As I opened the door to feed Boo, my rabbit, I was just about swept away by the morning wind. How wonderful it would be to fly along with it today. Today?--because it is full of work and errands that cannot be pushed aside for play.

Plans inside me need to take shape--how to make the history of my book characters fun, visual, and compelling for those who will be visiting my booth at the Tucson Festival of Books. This first on my list.

But oh, the sun is taking turns with the flying clouds outside. Sun and shade playing with each other--I am pulled to the outside world.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Last day of Retro Postings--Olympic Closing Ceremonies 24 February 2002


There were so many great images from yesterday it is hard to pick just one for the e-mail.  This was the parade of the flags of all the nations.  Geeg and I went to the Martina McBride concert earlier in the day and I got off of my Volunteer assignment early.  Geeg I insisted I go to the Closing Ceremony instead of her.  Paul and I had a visual treat.

This is the painting of the ice near it’s the beginning.  The dancing figures were wonderful.  The color kept getting bigger and bigger but the simplicity of it was impressive to me.

Probably the greatest treat to end the night happened when we were filing from the bleachers.  There were several corridors to exit through.  One lane had blue sheeting on it and you could barely see the people exiting on the other side.  One of the spectators said, “Those are the athletes.”  We all moved to the fencing and put our hands above the fencing saying hello and thanking the athletes for being here.  The athletes also moved to the fencing and started shaking our high hands and giving us high fives and mementos.  This continued until all the athletes had filed past.  It was all very spontaneous and moving.  We will remember this as our end to the Olympics.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

23 February 2002--Olympic Memories

Saturday 23 February 2002

It was a gala day in Salt Lake City today. So many people crowded the venues it was amazing. In fact so many people were in Olympic Square they actually stopped letting people in. They announced to the crowd they were filled to capacity. Geeg did get in to get pictures of the puppet animals from the Opening Ceremonies, however it was so windy they canceled the show. Geeg was disappointed. They Army band was one of the street performances that entertained the mass of people. The drummer below is from the band and everyone wanted a photo with him because of his charisma.

Medals Plaza was also packed. It was full in N’Sync fans. Fans who represent the fanatic to the fullest.   

Here's a clip from N'Sync's performance.

I was able to watch the medals presentation from the light booth tower. Wow! Besides the presentations I saw the crew doing all the cues. That was a highlight for me.
I got sitting tickets for Martina McBride’s concert tomorrow at the Medal’s Plaza and Geeg will attend with me before she and Paul go to the Closing Ceremonies.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Olympic Memories--22 February 2002

John Nieto is the artist of this mascot trio.  He was commissioned to depict the Olympic movement.  The rabbit represents higher, the coyote swifter and the bear stronger.  I first saw the trio while I was meeting and greeting at the airport.  It was hanging in an alcove on the concourse.  Now I have a poster of them.  I just need to find the right wall space.
            Traffic was a nightmare for the first time after the Medals Ceremonies.  It was partly due to a FOX reporter telling people driving downtown was smoother than public transportation.  Six months of traffic planning down the drain in two minutes.  Of course it was Friday night, two days left for photo opps and partying.  Goo Goo Dolls was the band.  I could hear them from the house when I got home.
            Did I tell you each day at Olympic Square the animals from Opening Ceremonies perform in front of the Delta Center?  Geeg is going to try for photos on Saturday.  I am hoping they will be in the Closing Ceremonies.  I like them a lot.

Here is a clip of Goo Goo Dolls at the Olympic Medals Plaza

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pins, pins and more pins. Olympic Memories 21 February 2002

As before, anything in blue is from 2002.
I dedicate this entry to a friend who I met through pin trading.

Thursday 21 February 2002

We are caught in the pin craze. There are thousands of different kinds of pins and we began collecting when Salt Lake City won the Olympic bid. Geeg seems fond of food pins but loves the all. I like the pins with the mascots on them quite a bit. My favorite mascot is Powder the Rabbit. Paul and Geeg both get in the trading. They have made some interesting trades with people from other countries. My first trade was for a pin from the Sydney Olympics and if I can, I would like to trade for other former Olympic sites.
Salt Lake seems to be getting into the mode for closing ceremonies. Many of the acts who will perform are now being announced. Paul and Geeg will attend the closing ceremonies and are really excited about it. We are all hoping for warm weather like we’ve been having the last two days but snow is in the forecast.
The women’s free skate long program was certainly exciting last night. What a wonderful thing for a high school student to achieve! Grace on ice.

It was Sarah Hughes who won gold.
She was not expected to but had a near flawless free skate
while the other skaters made many mistakes.

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20 ten years ago--Olympic Memories

Wednesday 20 February 2002

Our guests have to go home now. However Celeste and DeMarco ended their “tour” with an accidental second meeting with Bonnie Blair at short track. Another photo op.
All of us had a full busy day. Paul had another performance at the Winterfest venue. It rained all day and since the tent was put up on a parking lot a river of water found its way into and through the venue. So he had to sing in competition with the water vac. The rest of the gang was up to Park City to see the skeleton races. They played in the snow! Go USA!!! They all rendezvoused and capped off the day cheering Ohno to a gold medal at short track. Sightings of Mitt Romney and the Canadian pairs skaters made the night sweet. Autographs too.

Above DeMarco and Celeste watch at the Skeleton Track 
Below shows the crowds at the Skeleton Track

It was a snowy day in Park City

DeMarco was cool in his shades.

 Geeg waves at us from the signage.
Below Heather, Celeste and Paul stay warm.

Shea wins!

Ohno receiving his medal.

Below are the gold medal winners.

 Men's Relay.

Women's Relay Medals Ceremony.

I dodged raindrops taking care of the needs of the 50 member band that Marc Anthony brought to the stage. I watched the Medals Ceremonies and was struck by how beautiful the Plaza presentations really are. I hope they televised the glamour. I will be at the Medals Plaza from now until the end of the Olympics.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

People love hats--Olympic Memories

Tuesday 19 February 2002

This is the coveted USA hat that people wait for hours in line to buy.  The store is Roots.  It is not bigger than our living and dining rooms put together.  They wait in line.  They get into the store.  No hats.  But I was fortunate to know the volunteer who finagled her way into Roots before it opened and to the newest shipment of the hats.

My cousin, Heather in her hat.

Folks who have scored their hats at the Roots store in Gateway.

            My day was spent at the Medals Plaza again.  The band and crew for Creed sure do eat a lot.  Many trips to pick up orders from nearby restaurants kept me busy.  I also scored some “Creed” picks from the guitar players for Paul.

Here's a clip of Creed's performance at the Medals Plaza Stage.

            The skaters were wonderful to watch.  Grace on ice.  In my dreams I can skate just like that therefore I know if feels like flying.  Rain is in the forecast in the valley tomorrow so snow will certainly fall in the mountain venues.  It actually feels a little like the beginning of spring here

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Olympic Memories--Words on the Street

         Monday 18 February 2002

            Here’s Paul with the British Bobsleigh team.  Georgia and Paul visited the ethnic tent and bumped into them.  They haven’t sleighed their event yet but were having lots of fun.  P & G traded lots of Olympic pins on their adventure.
            Are you the doctor?  That’s the question a pedestrian stopped to ask Georgia while she was driving me to my assignment.  This woman gave Geeg a double take and in the middle of the crosswalk came to the car window with the query.  So here are a few more snippets from the day:  NOW I know where we are; 129 bucks!; She lost 8 units of blood; Hey–crosswalk!; How much for that one?; I think he’s ready to go; Matthew, you ready?; A huge wall of drawers; I can’t wait to tell Rebecca; When you start quoting other reporters out of our notebook....; Take a right; Anyone selling tickets?; They have them in the hotel for 6 dollars; Couldn’t live without it;
Cool hat; Look where you are going!; This country sucks–they towed my car!;  I forgot you haven’t read that; Right on the edge; 70 bucks–you think I can talk my mom into it?  Yes; Are you upset you missed the Brooks and Dunn Concert?; Take the lens cap off; Are you lost honey? and finally, I don’t want to!
            I helped out at the Medals Plaza since no one was staying at the Marriott which was my station.  No down time.  Lots to take care of.  Visited the shopping venues with the band members (Nelly Furtado’s band).  That was interesting.  We ended this long day by going to a movie downtown.  No one was in the theatre–peace and quiet.  By the way I highly recommend “Amelie” if you haven’t already seen it.  Two thumbs up from Paul and Geeg too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Olympic Memories--Ice Dancing and Curling

Sunday 17 February 2002

             Here is one of the many building projections that are enhancing our night vision. With the projections and the building wraps and nightly fireworks downtown SLC is quite the visual treat. After ice dancing last night we enjoyed the walk to the parking lot amidst all the glitter and music.

Our family house guests Paul and Heather

            After the ice dancing we watched the Canadian pair get their gold medal. The Russians were also included in the ceremony and the crowd at the Delta Center was very supportive. Before the ice dancing we attended a curling event at the Ice Sheet in Ogden. It was an intimate venue that was truly exciting. The Americans were paired with Great Britain and ended up having an extra “end” to determine the winner. The Americans won the competition!

            I am back at volunteer work again after a few days off. Today I am stationed at two downtown Marriot Hotels to make sure the talent has everything it needs. In a few days I will be at the Medals Plaza.