Thursday, February 16, 2012

Olympic Memories--Saturday 16 February 2002

Just a mention that my ten-year-ago writing about security was shortly after 9/11 and some of these measures were very new to all of us. It seems second nature now.

Saturday 16 February 2002

            This is the security at the Olympics. We volunteers lovingly call it mag and bag. Mag for the magnometer you walk through. Bag for the thorough search of anything you carry in. To enter every venue you need to go through this. You have to drink a sip of your beverage if you carry it in (no poison allowed). If you bring a camera you need to turn it on or take a picture (no mini bombs allowed). Cell phones have to be turned on to see if they are really cell phones. If you buzz the National Guard (seen in this picture) wands you. We are the safest place on the planet at the moment.
            Georgia tried to take a photo of Paul getting wanded (he did buzz) but the National Guard threatened Geeg with a baton saying, “No photographs back here!”
            We attended short track speed skating for the second time. It was as exciting this time as the first time. Again there were medal ceremonies. 

             Boy, the crash of the men’s medal race got the crowd enraged. Boos when the Aussie crossed the line and raised his arms for the victory. He was very humble on the medals platform and we gave him arousing ovation.

            Curling is next on our agenda as well as ice dancing. How about those Canadians? We get to see the special medal ceremony for them after the ice dancing event. 

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