Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Olympic Memories--Building Wraps

          Watching the building wraps go up was a sight. We really had not seen such a thing before, well, perhaps on buses or trucks. A wrap the size of a building is quite a different story.

Here are my thoughts from ten years ago:
“One Day To Go”

            There are eleven building wraps in Salt Lake. Each one depicts a different Olympic event. Here is Georgia in front of the Skeleton wrap. This sport is back to the Olympics for the first time in 54 years. Athletes sprint out of the starting block the same as they do in luge. They lie down on their stomachs on the thin steel sled. They steer by shifting their weight or lightly dragging a toe all while going about 85 miles per hour. We have tickets to this event in Park City on February 20th.

            The torch came through SLC and up to Ogden yesterday. Today it goes through Summit County, Midway (it gets on a train here), Heber City, Park City and ends up at the City County Building in Salt Lake at 10 pm. Tomorrow it begins a route through Salt Lake and surrounding suburbs then up to the Opening Ceremonies and on to the Olympic Caldron.

              Here are some of the sights that delighted us on the downtown buildings of Salt Lake City. At night they were lit up and made an even greater impact.

Oh, and of course the bus.

Downtown Salt Lake City

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