Friday, February 24, 2012

Last day of Retro Postings--Olympic Closing Ceremonies 24 February 2002


There were so many great images from yesterday it is hard to pick just one for the e-mail.  This was the parade of the flags of all the nations.  Geeg and I went to the Martina McBride concert earlier in the day and I got off of my Volunteer assignment early.  Geeg I insisted I go to the Closing Ceremony instead of her.  Paul and I had a visual treat.

This is the painting of the ice near it’s the beginning.  The dancing figures were wonderful.  The color kept getting bigger and bigger but the simplicity of it was impressive to me.

Probably the greatest treat to end the night happened when we were filing from the bleachers.  There were several corridors to exit through.  One lane had blue sheeting on it and you could barely see the people exiting on the other side.  One of the spectators said, “Those are the athletes.”  We all moved to the fencing and put our hands above the fencing saying hello and thanking the athletes for being here.  The athletes also moved to the fencing and started shaking our high hands and giving us high fives and mementos.  This continued until all the athletes had filed past.  It was all very spontaneous and moving.  We will remember this as our end to the Olympics.

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  1. That was a very special time for us and the world.
    When I see these Photos and read your blog..It all comes back ...the peoples of the world united as one ..We did not achieve " perfect pitch " but it was a beautiful and harmonious melody sung by the voices of Planet Earth