Sunday, February 19, 2012

People love hats--Olympic Memories

Tuesday 19 February 2002

This is the coveted USA hat that people wait for hours in line to buy.  The store is Roots.  It is not bigger than our living and dining rooms put together.  They wait in line.  They get into the store.  No hats.  But I was fortunate to know the volunteer who finagled her way into Roots before it opened and to the newest shipment of the hats.

My cousin, Heather in her hat.

Folks who have scored their hats at the Roots store in Gateway.

            My day was spent at the Medals Plaza again.  The band and crew for Creed sure do eat a lot.  Many trips to pick up orders from nearby restaurants kept me busy.  I also scored some “Creed” picks from the guitar players for Paul.

Here's a clip of Creed's performance at the Medals Plaza Stage.

            The skaters were wonderful to watch.  Grace on ice.  In my dreams I can skate just like that therefore I know if feels like flying.  Rain is in the forecast in the valley tomorrow so snow will certainly fall in the mountain venues.  It actually feels a little like the beginning of spring here

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