Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20 ten years ago--Olympic Memories

Wednesday 20 February 2002

Our guests have to go home now. However Celeste and DeMarco ended their “tour” with an accidental second meeting with Bonnie Blair at short track. Another photo op.
All of us had a full busy day. Paul had another performance at the Winterfest venue. It rained all day and since the tent was put up on a parking lot a river of water found its way into and through the venue. So he had to sing in competition with the water vac. The rest of the gang was up to Park City to see the skeleton races. They played in the snow! Go USA!!! They all rendezvoused and capped off the day cheering Ohno to a gold medal at short track. Sightings of Mitt Romney and the Canadian pairs skaters made the night sweet. Autographs too.

Above DeMarco and Celeste watch at the Skeleton Track 
Below shows the crowds at the Skeleton Track

It was a snowy day in Park City

DeMarco was cool in his shades.

 Geeg waves at us from the signage.
Below Heather, Celeste and Paul stay warm.

Shea wins!

Ohno receiving his medal.

Below are the gold medal winners.

 Men's Relay.

Women's Relay Medals Ceremony.

I dodged raindrops taking care of the needs of the 50 member band that Marc Anthony brought to the stage. I watched the Medals Ceremonies and was struck by how beautiful the Plaza presentations really are. I hope they televised the glamour. I will be at the Medals Plaza from now until the end of the Olympics.

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