Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pins, pins and more pins. Olympic Memories 21 February 2002

As before, anything in blue is from 2002.
I dedicate this entry to a friend who I met through pin trading.

Thursday 21 February 2002

We are caught in the pin craze. There are thousands of different kinds of pins and we began collecting when Salt Lake City won the Olympic bid. Geeg seems fond of food pins but loves the all. I like the pins with the mascots on them quite a bit. My favorite mascot is Powder the Rabbit. Paul and Geeg both get in the trading. They have made some interesting trades with people from other countries. My first trade was for a pin from the Sydney Olympics and if I can, I would like to trade for other former Olympic sites.
Salt Lake seems to be getting into the mode for closing ceremonies. Many of the acts who will perform are now being announced. Paul and Geeg will attend the closing ceremonies and are really excited about it. We are all hoping for warm weather like we’ve been having the last two days but snow is in the forecast.
The women’s free skate long program was certainly exciting last night. What a wonderful thing for a high school student to achieve! Grace on ice.

It was Sarah Hughes who won gold.
She was not expected to but had a near flawless free skate
while the other skaters made many mistakes.

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