Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Light the Fire Within--Olympic Memory 2002

“Light the Fire Within”

            The last 24 hours have been extraordinarily exciting. Paul and I watched the torch relay in downtown SLC last night after attending a dress rehearsal at the Olympic Medals Plaza.
            Georgia met a man (Rick Baird) who ran the torch in Ogden while she was at lunch yesterday and he let her hold the Olympic torch.

            This morning the torch relay started its route around the city at 5:00 am. Part of the torch route was around the corner from our house. We went to our corner at 7:30 this morning to wait for the runner. We met many family members of the person who was to run the flame. Her name is Karla Harrison. Luck of the draw, the exchange occurred right where we were standing.

            The photo is just after Karla Harrison received the flame. There were tons of people there to watch. All the students from one the elementary schools near us turned out to watch.
            The games officially begin today during the Opening Ceremonies.

I have edited some footage from what I took
of the torch relay in SLC.


  1. Nan,
    It's great to see the Olympic memories you are posting.
    I loved getting to hold the Olympic flame and it's weird to see that I am wearing the same winter coat NOW!
    Keep those memories coming....

  2. Hey Geeg,
    I'm wearing the same coat too! I am also wearing the same Marker polar fleece and same gloves. Clothes really last a long time.