Saturday, February 11, 2012

Olympic Memories--Sunday's Highlights--11 Feb 2002

“Sunday’s Highlights”

            Here is a building wrap in downtown SLC. I thought I’d showcase the snowboarder as a salute to Kelly Clark who won our first gold medal for USA yesterday. I continued to make sure the band LifeHouse had all its needs met at the Grand America Hotel yesterday. They were at the Medals Plaza last night and today they leave SLC. The next band under our care is Bare Naked Ladies.

Here is a video of BML from their Medals Plaza performance.

            Paul took Celeste and DeMarco to McDonalds after visiting the Mountain Man encampment in town. While they were there some of Corporate McDonalds contingent were in the restaurant. They came over to the table and asked how they were enjoying the games. Paul told them of some of our excitement and also included the he had sung for the McDonalds “A” team in Park City last week. The Corporate men then gave Paul 4 tickets to see women’s speed skating. Wow! They were so excited. They zoomed home and picked up Paul (another of our family visitors) while Georgia and Heather went shopping. Paul , Paul, DeMarco and Celeste thoroughly enjoyed the competition. Bonnie Blair was there and DeMarco and Celeste had their picture taken with her. She also signed their tickets.

Our guests are taking in a luge competition today.

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