Monday, October 7, 2013

Boo's Bungalow

Boo's Bungalow

Each winter we build my rabbit Boo a "nest" to give her comfort.
She has a winter alfalfa bale which she eats and uses as a platform.
This is her bale for the winter.

Boo hates to be in a hutch and has run of our entire yard.
She loves her life and is happy being "free."

This is the base of a raised bed I have for potatoes.
Boo loves to be under it during a rain storm.
Last year she dug a small warren under it for the winter.

This year we are tucking part of her winter alfalfa bale around the raised bed frame.

She helps us as we build it.

Here is Boo's winter digs.

Boo cleans herself in front of her new winter home.
It's still fall weather right now but in a few weeks
she will eat her way to happiness in a winter wonderland.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



I love horses. I have no idea why.
I was a city kid and learned to ride in summer camps.
Now I am honored to share time with two horses a couple times a year.
But seriously why am I drawn to them when I just see them in a field,
Or when I see a sculpture of them.
Who knows.
It doesn't matter.