Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wonderful Windows

Wonderful Windows

A few words and photos about Richard Klettings use of glass.

Kletting used stained glass to decorate his buildings.
Leaded glass was also used to accent the works.
Kletting would have ordered the glass windows from contemporary glass
makers including Tiffany.

He would decorate this way in both residential and commercial buildings.
I have chosen a few Salt Lake City windows for this entry.

140 2nd Avenue

153 C Street
While photographing this house a worker stopped to chat with me.
I asked if there was anything different or unique about the house.
He told me in the leaded glass windows the
round glass inserts are beveled which
he hadn't seen in any other house he
had worked on.

174 B Street

273 6th Avenue
These two photos (above and below) show the care Kletting had for his first wife.
He designed this home for her following their divorce.

These two windows (above and below) show both a geometric and floral design.
Both adorn the building at 411 E. 100 South.

734 E. 200 South
inside out

751 E. 200 South

1206 W. 200 South

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Capitol Views

Capitol Views

Most folks know of Richard Kletting's work for the design of the Utah State Capitol.

I have been honored to be able to docent at the Capitol for a few years now.
I love being able to have visitors looks for his signature style incorporated
into the classic design.

At first his winning design was a little more complicated than we see today.

[USHS photo]

A simpler, cleaner look emerged in his 1912 rendering. Closer to the finished product.

[USHS photo]

Utah has a spectacular spot on Capitol Hill for our state house.

[USHS photo]

Any time you get a chance, visit the Capitol and grounds.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kletting Chimneys

Kletting Chimneys

Kletting built many Victorian Eclectic homes.
The chimneys were full of texture.
His brickwork was often a focal point of his work.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Writing the Book

Writing the Book

It is now time to shift from researching to writing the book.
To co-author is a new and exciting adventure for me.
We both have loved the research process and now look forward to the
collaborative writing process.

Bringing a life to life in 2017.

Hello Richard Kletting, your work, your life.

Photo from the Utah State Historical Society.