Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today--Olympic Memories

I am presenting old writing; writing from ten years ago when I was an Olympic Volunteer.
These writings were to friends and relatives who were interested to hear and see what was happening in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Old writing will be in blue.

Written on 1 February 2002
Life of an Athletically Challenged Dweller of Salt Lake City
During the 2002 Winter Olympics “Seven Days to Go”

            I was looking forward to and imagining the largest peace time gathering of people to be a holistic experience. However with the helicopters swirling around the skies over Salt Lake City with frequency I feel as if I live more in a war zone. The signs of living in a violent world has engulfed us all.
            They say there are seven days to go before the competitions begin. I look at it a broader sense because the Cultural Olympiad starts today.  I hope to take in whatever performance and visual events I can. Of course much of my energy will be spent on my “volunteer experience” with the Medals Plaza performers.
         If you are here in SLC I have to recommend taking in the glass sculptures that are in front of Abravenal Hall. This will not cost you anything and swirls of glass are fantastic. Relatives will be visiting our humble abode during the Olympics and I hope to keep you updated as to our adventures.

            If you happen to be walking in the newest shopping center downtown and are near the Olympic fountain, look at your feet and check out the names on the bricks. Be sure to check out section 11 closely. Bring your raincoats so you can run through the fountain. It actually looks quite challenging and is also entertaining for onlookers. You never know it may be added as a future Olympic venue.

In the meantime I continue to search and project
for the calming effects of a peacetime gathering event.


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  2. Looking forward to seeing and remembering what we did during the Olympics. It was a magical time.