Friday, February 17, 2012

Olympic Memories--Ice Dancing and Curling

Sunday 17 February 2002

             Here is one of the many building projections that are enhancing our night vision. With the projections and the building wraps and nightly fireworks downtown SLC is quite the visual treat. After ice dancing last night we enjoyed the walk to the parking lot amidst all the glitter and music.

Our family house guests Paul and Heather

            After the ice dancing we watched the Canadian pair get their gold medal. The Russians were also included in the ceremony and the crowd at the Delta Center was very supportive. Before the ice dancing we attended a curling event at the Ice Sheet in Ogden. It was an intimate venue that was truly exciting. The Americans were paired with Great Britain and ended up having an extra “end” to determine the winner. The Americans won the competition!

            I am back at volunteer work again after a few days off. Today I am stationed at two downtown Marriot Hotels to make sure the talent has everything it needs. In a few days I will be at the Medals Plaza.

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