Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monday (12 Feb 2002) Olympic Memories

            Just to keep on the right track so to speak. When I date these writings from 2002, they represent the activities from the previous day and what I will do during the current day. And of course the days will not match today's calendar at all.


            This is my official outfit made by Marker. My color is Mountain Shadow. Of course you can tell it is blue. This represents workers in the general field. I really think it is more like misc. field. Green is field of play which means working with the athletes. Yellow is security and related services. Red is medical. I have a jacket, vest, fleece turtleneck, pants headband, hat and gloves. I also have a “crosspack” to keep all my belongings in.

            Pairs ice skating was beautiful on TV yesterday. I personally think the judges were in the same mood as the night we saw the short program. Our guests went to luge in Park City but found they started from SLC too soon. The traffic flowed smoothly and got them there lickety split.
            Today I begin a rotation at the airport. The first personality I meet is Macy Gray (R&B, Soul). We also met Bare Naked Ladies and some other unknown performer. I guess I’ll find out who when I get there.
            Some famous people we have seen in the last couple of days: Tom Brokaw, Angelina Jolie, Bonnie Blair, Paul Wylie (from our box at skating), Evander Holyfield, our Governor Levitt, John Stocketon (our great basketball guard),  Mitt Romney (SLOC president), also lots of fur and leather.

Paul Wylie, at ice skating, waving flags from his box next to us.

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