Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From the past--Olympic Day Memory

Friday 15 February 2002

            This is Paul at Winterfest 2002 music venue. It is a huge white bubble tent. These are set up all over downtown SLC for different “outside” venues. He also played in one of these in Odgen at the Ice Sheet on the 13th of Feb. This was my day off so I was able to go down with our house guests and see Paul perform. Georgia took her lunch hour with a friend to see him too.
            One of the displays at our City County Building is the Olympic History. It is a time line on display panels with photos and information. Some objects were on display too. One was an old wooden bobsled that had a steering wheel. The medals from Sydney and Nagano were there. We saw torches from at least six previous games, medals platforms from Sydney and Nagano and all the mascots from former years.
            Walking down main street we were treated to the Budweiser wagon being drawn by eight horses. A Dalmatian was riding the wagon too.


  1. Great days of the world coming together as one planet of people....the world need to this again .
    Thanks Nan for the fun photos.


    1. It was a spectacular time. I loved sharing it with you.