Friday, February 3, 2012

Five More Days (Olympic Memories)

     We see them everywhere these days, colorful animals painted to represent a community. The Olympic spirit was no different, the bison or buffalo was chosen as the animal for the Cultural Olympiad.

“Five More Days”
            Meet Cherry-O Buffalo. This is one of the many buffalo sculptures that is part of a public art project in connection with the Cultural Olympiad. Some of these creatures grace the inside of our shopping malls while others roam the grounds of the Olympic venues. I’m seriously thinking of applying for one myself. There is still time and I have some ideas floating around in my brain.
            At The Museum of Natural History we experienced another part of the Cultural Olympiad. It was the display of the Five Nations which explained the culture of Utah’s five Native American tribes. Very enlightening.

     These are the “building wraps” of the Diné bizaad (Navaho Nation).  They represent the four directions and  the traditional homeland between these mountains:

East Sisnaajiní (Blanca Peak)

North--Dibé Ntsaa (Hesperus Mountain)

South Tsoodził (Mount Taylor)

West--Dookʼoʼoosłííd (San Francisco Peaks)

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