Thursday, February 23, 2012

23 February 2002--Olympic Memories

Saturday 23 February 2002

It was a gala day in Salt Lake City today. So many people crowded the venues it was amazing. In fact so many people were in Olympic Square they actually stopped letting people in. They announced to the crowd they were filled to capacity. Geeg did get in to get pictures of the puppet animals from the Opening Ceremonies, however it was so windy they canceled the show. Geeg was disappointed. They Army band was one of the street performances that entertained the mass of people. The drummer below is from the band and everyone wanted a photo with him because of his charisma.

Medals Plaza was also packed. It was full in N’Sync fans. Fans who represent the fanatic to the fullest.   

Here's a clip from N'Sync's performance.

I was able to watch the medals presentation from the light booth tower. Wow! Besides the presentations I saw the crew doing all the cues. That was a highlight for me.
I got sitting tickets for Martina McBride’s concert tomorrow at the Medal’s Plaza and Geeg will attend with me before she and Paul go to the Closing Ceremonies.

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