Saturday, February 18, 2012

Olympic Memories--Words on the Street

         Monday 18 February 2002

            Here’s Paul with the British Bobsleigh team.  Georgia and Paul visited the ethnic tent and bumped into them.  They haven’t sleighed their event yet but were having lots of fun.  P & G traded lots of Olympic pins on their adventure.
            Are you the doctor?  That’s the question a pedestrian stopped to ask Georgia while she was driving me to my assignment.  This woman gave Geeg a double take and in the middle of the crosswalk came to the car window with the query.  So here are a few more snippets from the day:  NOW I know where we are; 129 bucks!; She lost 8 units of blood; Hey–crosswalk!; How much for that one?; I think he’s ready to go; Matthew, you ready?; A huge wall of drawers; I can’t wait to tell Rebecca; When you start quoting other reporters out of our notebook....; Take a right; Anyone selling tickets?; They have them in the hotel for 6 dollars; Couldn’t live without it;
Cool hat; Look where you are going!; This country sucks–they towed my car!;  I forgot you haven’t read that; Right on the edge; 70 bucks–you think I can talk my mom into it?  Yes; Are you upset you missed the Brooks and Dunn Concert?; Take the lens cap off; Are you lost honey? and finally, I don’t want to!
            I helped out at the Medals Plaza since no one was staying at the Marriott which was my station.  No down time.  Lots to take care of.  Visited the shopping venues with the band members (Nelly Furtado’s band).  That was interesting.  We ended this long day by going to a movie downtown.  No one was in the theatre–peace and quiet.  By the way I highly recommend “Amelie” if you haven’t already seen it.  Two thumbs up from Paul and Geeg too.

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