Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bison or Buffalo (Olympic Memories)

     I am adding as many of the buffalo photos that I can find. I know there are more because I have some video of them as well. And I'm sure there were a ton of buffalo at other venues that I did not attend. Park City and Ogden, all the ice sheet venues and all the other ski venues most probably had them too.

“Three and Counting”

            We could not take photos at the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies so I thought I’d share some more bison with you. This is the “Film Buff” and has all the names of films that were shot here in Utah on the clips you see wrapped around the body.

            The ceremony rehearsal was impressive to say the least. Of course we did not see all the real whistles and bells but we did get a taste of the spectacle that will be presented. Lots of skating will be done and a great story line as well. Costuming is elegant and the fireworks (even the rehearsal ones) were sparkling and fun. It was cold sitting on the bleachers which was the only drawback. If you are there for the real opening you will get a cushion to sit on. Stand-ins did all the work for the celebrities that will appear. And speaking of stand-ins, they needed audience volunteers to be the athletes stand-in, for the parade of athletes. Paul and I volunteered and were in the US contingent. It sure gave us a small idea for what the athletes must fell walking around the arena before being seated.

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