Monday, February 13, 2012

Work and Play from 12 February 2002 Olympic Memories

Tuesday 12 February 2002

            My first day at the airport was totally different from working at the Grand Hotel. We met the talent and made sure their bags and the bags of the tech people and entourage were accounted for. I met the traveling companions of Macy Gray but not Macy Gray. She was whisked off by security.
            Bare Naked Ladies is a hot band right now. This is an all male band, very rocky music. The other volunteers at the airport were keeping tabs on what I was doing. They knew I was one of the talent hosts and they were sure BNL was due in today. Finally the band arrived late in the afternoon. For all you groupies, yes I did shake every band member’s hand. All are very personable.

            Our house guests went with Georgia to Olympic Square where they took in the sights. The building wrap of the luger can only be seen from inside Olympic Square. The gang spent time in the Coca Cola event tent and watched all the activity. Lots of games including a small luge run. Of course they shopped till they dropped.

            When I arrived home from the airport we heard on the news there had been an anthrax scare at the airport. A news conference was held. We are still waiting to hear the results.

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