Friday, December 16, 2011

Nan Weber here. I'm crazy about history. It influences my woman's first person performances. I write the scripts based on diaries, journals and letters.

History leads me into research which I love beyond reasonable explanation. I have written two biographies both with Yellowstone National Park connections.

I also am obsessed with documenting. Anything that catches my imagination will lead me down that road. I will write about it, video it, photograph it.

I have a dream to collaborate with others who also share my passions. Oh and not to be forgotten I love to travel, travel, travel even in these times of questionable fuel sources. I can see myself soon in a compressed air vehicle. I guess I have to invent it first.

My books are: "Mattie, A Woman's Journey West" and "Singing in the Saddle, The Life and Times of Yellowstone Chip."

My website is  (always under construction). It has lots of links to other sites of mine which seem to change all the time.

You can also contact me through e-mail at or

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