Thursday, December 27, 2012

Remembering Vietnam

Remembering Vietnam

There is a great series produced by KUED 7 documenting the Vietnam War called Utah Vietnam War Stories. The first episode was entitled Escalation and the second Turning Point. The next episode in the series is now in production.

Sally Shaum, one of the producers of the series, saw our humble, handheld, documentation of Paul and I trying desperately to get to the 50th Anniversary of Ceremony that was held at the Utah State Capital on 11 November. She liked the sentiment so part of our video might well be used in her next installment. I am honored to have it be used as part of the series.

Here is the clip that Sally saw and I posted to Paul's Youtube channel.

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  1. In war we hurt so many people. Ourselves, those we fight for, those we fight against. How many are enemies. Does killing ultimately solve the problem?