Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sergeant Floyd

Sergeant Floyd

I spent some time with my sis at the Sergeant Floyd Monument
in Sioux City, Iowa today.
I have been here many, many times while leading Lewis and Clark tours
but I have never been able to take photos for myself.
So here are some shots from today's visit.

The monument on the bluff.

Floyd's Plaque on the monument.

United States flag from the Lewis and Clark period.

Sis at the monument.

Yes she is really there.

I am calling Paul, telling him I'm at the Floyd monument.
He too has been there many times.

Of course I always have to connect what I do to Yellowstone in some way,
so here it is--the great engineer Hiram Chittenden, of Yellowstone fame
designed this monument.
Check out this web site:

I had fun here.

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