Friday, July 5, 2013

Willow in the Water

Willow in the Water

A large willow cracked low at the truck tumbled into the Jordan River last week.
Since then interesting things have gathered in its branches.
Some shoes, balls, garbage and other floating flotsam.

This morning while on our daily walk we stopped to watch two beavers who had gathered to delight on the willow branches.
Each had a place on the bank to munch away in privacy.

Beaver number one decided to gather a few more delicate branches from the fallen willow.
The beaver slid into the water and under the willow. While out of view we heard a water tussle of some sort. Not the usual beaver tail slap on the water but the sound of confrontation.
Suddenly, not one beaver, but two emerged from the willow branches.
One animal in the lead and the second in hot pursuit.

The three beavers then circled and eyed each other for several minutes before continuing on their quest for willow branches in their own part of the river.

All during this our new dog Maya watched in wonder.

Here's some footage of mine from a couple years ago of beaver on the Jordan River.

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