Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beer, Beer Beer

Beer, Beer, Beer

Kletting designed a few fun breweries.
The Salt Lake Brewing Company in Salt Lake City.
He did many additions to this complex through the years.
This is a 1912 version.
[USHS photo]

The advertisements used of the whole complex.

The Sweetwater Brewery in Green River, Wyoming had a similar feel.

Post card of the Sweetwater Brewery.
Kletting did both additions to this complex.
[Sweetwater Brewery, 1901 Sweetwater County Museum]

The Fisher Brewing Company in Salt Lake City.
The brewery took up  quite a bit of land by the Jordan River on 200 South.
The Fisher Mansion, where the Albert Fisher family lived,
can be seen beyond the brewery.
Not many trees along the Jordan River at this time--1950.

The company also had a drawing they used for publicity.
Quite a romantic view.

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